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The Fold

The Fold is a celebration of place, a sculpted piece of Architecture that captures views into itself, while also directing the user’s gaze ever outward over the sprawling vistas of the Cape Winelands. When moving through the house, its dramatic planes and angles conspire to hide and reveal the world outside, offering framed glimpses that force the observer to take note of the landscape, the light and the ever-changing seasons outside.  

House Henley

A contemporary farm house on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains where the core focus of the design process deals with ideas of scale, bulk, form and vernacular style while incorporating the large brief and maximising the opportunities afforded by the beautiful farm site. From the design of individual spaces and their relationship to one another, to the placement of individual buildings, the design speaks of family, sharing and togetherness. Photographs commissioned by Metal Windows.

House Richling

Built for international clients, House Richling is an excellent example of our focus on exceptional detailing. The house is conceptually simple: two barn-shaped bedroom wings connected by a ‘transparent’ steel and glass living space. As it is a vacation home, emphasis was laid on relaxed comfort and simplicity at all times. Look a little closer, however, and you will find exceptional details abound.

House Moolman

This modern house personifies the mantra of ‘less is more’. We worked tirelessly to distil the client’s requirements down to their simplest form. The result is an elegant, clean home that provides only the essential spaces, but is furnished with the highest quality finishes throughout.

House Steen

Renovation project undertaken by 2AD Space to restore a historic residence in Somerset West. The before photos show a neglected house in desperate need of some TLC. The completion photos shows the sensitive restoration of a prominent home along the Old Stellenbosch Road.

House Meershoek

Contemporary home for an Artist and her husband set within the landscape overlooking the serene view towards False Bay. The roof slopes are angled according to the slope of the site to allow the house to blend with the environment. As most of the views are south-western, out towards the dam, north-eastern overhead windows were used to allow sun in. Due to the great slope, the extensive brief is broken up into smaller sections to create hierarchy and interest. 

House Love
2012 - 2019

Alterations and additions designed in phases, starting in 2012 and completed in 2019. We transformed this modest house into a modern home, centred on entertainment and relaxed outdoor living. The first phase was the addition of a lightweight timber construction kitchen-living-dining wing featuring framed views of False Bay. Subsequent phases included adding a hot-tub, a fire-pit and a generous carport. This allowed us to open up the existing garage to accommodate a new home office and lounge, capitalizing on the property’s exquisite views. We are very proud of the way that this project manages to stitch together the old and new resulting in a seamless, generous family home.

House Ranson

Located on the Atlantic beach-front, on a tight plot, this unassuming house hides a secret within. It is built around a small central courtyard housing a braai and a pool. The courtyard acts as the lungs of the house; no matter the wind direction off the coast, there is always the sheltered core letting the outside in. The interiors are  enhanced by strategically placed roof-lights, ensuring a glimpse of sky is never far off.

House Denkhaus

A traditional residence with a brief to add to the living area, reposition the kitchen and open up toward the expansive views of the Helderberg Mountains. We identified an opportunity to introduce a novel, contemporary addition to the established status quo - perceived as a “clip-on” object that takes a fluid form: governed by direction of views, the provision of shade and the creation of privacy The result is a discrete addition that, from the public roadside, one only gets a hint of.

77 on Dummer Estate

2AD Space is the estate architect for 77 on Dummer, having designed the gate-house as well as most of the houses in the development. The estate’s unique character is brought about by using familiar archetypes with a modern twist. We believe that 77 on Dummer offers a great example of a premium housing estate that not only fits into its suburban surroundings, but makes a positive contribution to the neighbourhood.

Pearl Valley Estate
2001 - 2020

2AD Space has designed several houses in this prestigious estate. While working within the confines of an estate’s Architectural Guidelines is often challenging, our team has delivered contemporary and unique homes to maximise our clients’ investments.

House Laubscher [De Zalze Estate]

House Laubscher is a formidable house built in the well-known De Zalze Estate. Although accommodation requirements were extensive, the building was carefully designed on its steep site to remain scale- & proportion sensitive to the residential character of the estate. Tactful use of design elements within the strict De Zalze Guidelines resulted in a home that sets itself apart from the often-compromised spatial response of a strict architectural guideline.

House Smith

At house Smith we renovated an existing holiday home to maximise its latent potential, from the inside out. We were restricted to an existing building envelope, but did a major reshuffle of the internal arrangement, all while retaining the building’s unassuming street elevation.  
Clean, practical and generous rooms were designed with framed views and crafted details to create feature moments throughout the house.
The result is a beautiful example of substance over style; a building that surprises with an interior luxury that exceeds all expectations. 

House Pearson

This permanent residence in the “Hemel en Aarde Estate” in Hermanus was designed for an existing client on a neighbouring erf to ensure that beautiful mountain views were retained. This particular brief resulted in a horizontally organised design with features that included modern box shapes with humble pitched roofs. Low maintenance construction was core to the design that eliminated the potential for leaking roof elements.  

House De Klerk

The concept of this quiet corner property was driven by capturing the vertical mountain views, and the programmatic requirement for a humble and maintenance free holiday home. Employing pigmented plaster, the natural colour & texture anchors the house to the site and allows it to visually blend with the natural environment. Moreover, concealed-fixing roof sheets were used – without the general expected architectural detail – to over-sail all the walls, resulting in a roof plane that protects the house from the natural elements. By designing this house with modest detailing and raw materials, it creates an unassuming yet perfect holiday and weekend home.

House Moolman
House Henley
De Vos
House Smith
The Fold - Downings
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