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Woodbender Workshop & Showroom

This renovation saw a dilapidated mini-factory transformed into a bright, clean furniture showroom. Our main priority was to create a prominent commercial presence for our client on a modest budget. The result is a building that provides an uplifting presence in an otherwise uninspiring industrial area.

Arun Place no. 6

2AD Space has designed the Arun Place development including the layout and placement of the buildings. From all the buildings, Arun Place 6 is the flagship and most noticeable from the road with its flowing concrete wall. This office park is iconic in Somerset West and shows the firm’s diversity in providing clients with exactly what they require. Architecturally, Arun Place responds to the neo-classical influence that Somerset West has, creating buildings with classical proportioning combined with modern shapes accentuating the office park.

Lochner Dental Practice

This project consisted of renovating and restoring a dilapidated house with heritage significance to become a specialised dental practice. The dental office required rigorous specification and material selection to meet strict standards. Ques and archetypes from the original house were investigated and interpreted to create an architectural language for the additions. The completed dental practice is a seamless blend between old and new, a polished clean medical establishment.

Tre Mondi [The Links]

Tre Mondi was the first office block designed in The Links Office Park next to Somerset West Mall. It is a showcase of 2AD Space’s involvement in Somerset West as an iconic architectural studio. The building itself focused on clean architectural composition with visually stimulating spaces for users to work and interact in. The spaces are versatile and have stood the test of time, still in full operation after 19 years.

Beachead [The Links]

The Beachead Office Block is in The Links Office Park next to Somerset West Mall. The client requested versatile spaces that could accommodate many tenants’ diverse requirements in both rental and purchasing on a sectional title basis. Various passive strategies for environmental control were implemented, including solar shields and thermal mass. Some of the elements of this building became archetypes for buildings to follow within the Office Park. During the early 2000’s where most office blocks were still filled with extravagant Tuscan and Neo-Classical references, Beachead was a frontrunner with an industrial architectural style and contemporary detailing.

Watercomfort Exhibition Stands

Award winning exhibition stands for Homemakers Fair and Decorex. Watercomfort approached us year after year to design these stands. Our design brings freshness and contrast to the regularity one connects with using the bathroom.

Watercomfort Showroom

Over many years, 2AD Space cultivated a very successful relationship with the Water comfort brand. We designed everything from their flag-ship buildings, to their shop-fitting and interiors. We even designed exhibition stands at various fairs, most of which were award winning. Our relationship with Water Comfort is emblematic of the range of our design capabilities, from the scale of Architecture, down to the detail of staging exhibitions.


This office was commissioned by EMSS (Electromagnetic Software & Systems) Consulting. The office building has a modest material palette, keeping true to the structure with the use of concrete, steel and face brick which was not the norm at the time. Further accent was given to the structure and form by painting the exposed structural steel red. As with many 2AD Space designs, effort was made in expressing circulation and other architectural features to create interest in what could have otherwise been a mundane building.

EMSS 2 [Te Deum Building Alteration]

With the EMSS’s second offices, the client dreamed big. The starting point for their new offices was the modest Te Deum building. Most of the existing building was demolished, keeping walls and the footprint of the building. The design engulfed the existing one storey building to become a grand futuristic office block fit for its purpose of housing a company that works with cutting edge technology. Various modern details and façade elements were introduced to transform and mask the existing dated building, to the point where it is unrecognisable and intertwined with the new.

Auto Helderberg Valet [Addition]

In the Industrial Area of Gants, the Auto Helderberg Valet Centre had modest beginnings in the form of crude industrial buildings. The couple of existing buildings on the erf were transformed into one simple, yet eye catching design. With the addition of a contemporary façade, the mundane buildings become a unified image. This is another example of 2AD Space’s ability to employ clever design to create something out of redundant spaces and add value to the surroundings.

Arun Place 6
Lochner Dental
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